About Us

Moodsdesign brings together a team of IT professionals with complementary skills, offering your company the highest level of competence and expertise in our areas of business. We can help you effectively plan and establish your corporate web presence, working with you to clarify what image you want to project and making sure your ideas are delivered concisely and clearly.

We are able to take your web site development needs entirely into our own hands, from requirements analysis, to design and development, of both the back and the front end, and we can even take care of hosting your domains for you. The platforms we specialise in range from a wide range of open source Java EE and LAMP servers to proprietary IBM WebSphere.

Over the past three years we have also been heavily involved in mobile development. Check out our portfolio of iOS and Android apps, and ask us about options for mobile-capable and touch-enabled websites with HTML 5 and jQuery Mobile. Or take a look at ar.moo, our own cross-platform framework for Augmented Reality development on iOS and Android.

Finally, another area we absolutely excel at is training. Our instructors have been involved in IT skills development for over 10 years and have delivered training for, among others, IBM Italia, IBM UK, and the BBC. If you want some support in doing things yourselves or just want to further your in-house expertise, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.